New Paltz Community Center, 3 Veteran’s Drive

The Lyme Wellness Series has transitioned to a re-visioned wellness series that begins October 2016 and is being offered through Wellness Embodied: A Center for Psychotherapy and Healing.  The same intention, format, and a similar schedule will carry forth with some additional offerings and an expanded focus:


The “Living Wellness Series” offers experiential workshops that provide expert guidance, evidence-based approaches, and community support for mindful, healthy living and thriving.  The series will continue to be facilitated by Meredith Johnson, MHC-LP, SEP, and will feature monthly professional guest speakers who introduce specific practices for optimizing health, healing, and well-being of body, mind, & spirit. The series will also offer follow-up Radical Self-Care workshops to support participants in the process of actualizing new self-care goals and cultivating lifestyle habits that improve wellness and resilience.


For more details and to register, please visit the WELLNESS EMBODIED website



Please visit the Wellness Embodied website, and stay tuned for our schedule of speakers and topics.

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